Transforming Businesses, Empowering People
We Help Organizations Transform and Grow
What We Do As DESSA

We help businesses create new ventures

and transform existing businesses through novel

usage of digital & online 



We power local digital economies by bringing in a new range of opportunities with substantial potential business value and dramatically reduced costs for new ventures.


We create opportunities and inclusion of rural and other designated groups using digital entrepreneurship to level the playing field in

certain sectors.


We offer a range of accredited online and face-to-face courses to empower and equip SMMEs (Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises) with the skills needed to

transform and run a successful business online.


We enable SMMEs and Cooperatives digitally

to allow for the creation of new markets, the

exploitation of existing markets and integration

into global value chains.


Promoting social equality and social and

economic inclusion by stimulating local

development and contributing to sustainable

development using online technology.

Other Services We Offer
Brand & Customer Strategy

We help you gain new clients, retain existing ones and improve customer loyalty through tried and tested strategies and tools.

Service Provider Assessment

We help organizations assess, measure and improve the value of contracts it has with Suppliers and Service Providers.

Stakeholder Engagement

We help organizations build trust, manage risks and significantly improve relationships with all key stakeholders.

Customer Value Proposition (CVP)

We help organizations drive sales and build a customer base by building a strong value proposition as a vital part of their business strategy.

Digital Strategy

We help you digitally transform your business and make use of technologies to enhance your interaction with customers and employees.

Organizational Culture

We help organizations motivate and inspire their employees by creating a work environment that is driven by purpose and clear expectations.

The Digital Entrepreneurship School Of South Africa (DESSA) provides Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to embrace technology and digital transformation through an entrepreneurial approach. Entrepreneurship can mean start-ups and the creation of new ventures, as well as the development of innovative projects within existing companies.
Our programs are geared towards alleviating the key issues facing the African continent; such as unemployment, lack of skills, unsustainable business practices, and slow economic growth.
DESSA aims to explore the various ways digital technologies enhance innovation through new business models, e-commerce, digital transformation, collaborative marketing, the funding of new ventures, etc.